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Images may not represent actual product and finish
Images may not represent actual product and finish

Richelieu 3614100 Euro-Cargo Recycling Center

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Richelieu 3614100 Euro-Cargo Recycling Center

Richelieu Euro-Cargo Recycling Center
Part Number: RIC_3614100
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Richelieu 3614100 Euro-Cargo Recycling Center

Make your life easier with the Euro-Cargo sliding waste bin. Full-extension slides give you complete access to your bins. The integrated lid remains fixed inside your cabinet, and once the system is closed, the lid covers the bins to prevent odors from escaping.

Advantages and benefits

- Handles allow bins to be moved easily.
- Very sturdy: slides are tested to 100000 openings and can support heavy loads (see technical tables for more information).
- Comes with door-mounting hardware, so that you can open a cabinet door and pull out your recycling center with a single motion.

Important information

The 35 liter (9.4 gallon) bins have proven to have an actual capacity of 38 liters (10.03 gallons). However, the bin remains the same in terms of dimensions.
Please note that installation templates are not to scale and are given for illustrative purposes only.

For model 361460100, the frame shown in the mounting instructions sheet is different. Consult document LA461460100-361460100 to see the right one.
Model 361450100 is designed for a full door installation. The supports are not suitable for a frame door.


- Metal frame installs on right and left slides that attach to the two interior sides of the cabinet.
- Can be installed in cabinets with side panels either 16 mm or 19 mm (5/8" or 3/4") thick.


Ship via: Can Ship UPS

Area of Activity: Cleaning, Preparation

Bin Capacity: 2 x 40 qt (38 L)

Bin Quantity: 2

Finish: Gray

Interior Dimensions Required - Depth: Min. 528 mm

Interior Dimensions Required - Height: Min. 546 mm

Interior Dimensions Required - Width: 412 to 418 mm

Lid: Included

Load Rating: Max. 50 kg

Material: Plastic

Product Dimension - Depth: 530 mm

Product Dimension - Width: 412 to 418 mm

Product Dimensions - Depth: 20 7/8 in*

Product Dimensions - Height: 530 mm

Product Dimensions - Width: 412 to 418 mm

Product number: 3614100

Product №: 3614100

Soft- Motion System: Without

Solutions: Base Cabinets, Wastebins and Recycling Centers

Total Capacity: 76 l

Unit 1: skid - 10


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Images may not represent actual product and finish
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